A highly versatile venue able to hold events in both the house
and the grounds. The opportunities to create a fun, motivational
and incentivising event are limitless, reaching your target
market and increasing visibility within your field.

Dare to be different and get your message across to your consumers or contributors in a unique way. Make a positive impact, be original and bold. Don’t forget people’s emotions affect their thoughts and decisions so create an event that triggers their senses – what will they see, hear, smell, taste and touch?

Thats Entertainment!

Think outside the box and consider:

Dancers; Musicians; Singers; Actors; Comedians
Bouncy Castle; Air Play; Games; Rides
Clowns; Acrobats; Jugglers; Fire Breathers
Balloon Artists; Ventriloquists; Animal Experiences
Magicians; Fortune Tellers; Palm Readers
Jousting; Chariot Races;
The Roaring 1920’s, James Bond, Disney Classics, Tudor, Medieval, Halloween, USA Independence Day, Inspirational/Celebrity Speakers, Author Signings.

Venture to our Venue

The Robert Denholm House events team can work with or for you. We provide fantastic communication and organisational skills, attention to detail, flexibility and creativity whilst working within the production schedule and budget, saving your company valuable time.

Consider using the Robert Denholm House full event management service for Training Days and Corporate Events for a fee of 10% of all costs in addition to the venue hire.

Exclusive, Bespoke, Elegant, Welcoming, Accommodating, Competitively Priced, Outstanding Service, Good Amenities.

Go Green

Demonstrate that you’re a caring company with an eye for protecting the environment. From E-invites, biodegradable consumables, cuisine using local or organic produce to providing electric transportation – encourage change while increasing awareness of your companies ethos and ethics.

Natural Networking

Encourage natural networking by providing assisted service food stations – a recipe for success!

Communication over cuisine creates better connections!

Don’t let the designated drivers miss out and include a couple of Mocktails or themed soft drinks on the menu rather than just water and orange juice – this will be noticed and appreciated.

The Name game

For product launches, employee annual gatherings, significant anniversaries and company celebrations it is essential that your event is not only successful, smooth, safe and convenient but also remembered – hence the name game!

Is the event name short enough? Easy to pronounce? Logical to spell? Memorable? #?

Your guests will appreciate efficient and user friendly booking technology. If you would like us to host an event site managing invites, RSVP, allergies etc, please do speak with us.

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